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With iMesh you can download music extremely fast and to my surprise you can even find all the non-mainstream artists. The best part is that it's free and legal.
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  • 800 MHz minimum required.
  • 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended.
  • Approximately 45 MB.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.
  • Windows Media Player 11 or higher.
  • Internet connection.
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    Where Can I Download Free Music?

    Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the file sharing industry knows there have been dozens if not hundreds of changes over the years regarding what clients are legal, safe, and offer a good database full of music choices. If you are confused about which direction to go in to download music, join the party. You can spend an hour sifting through articles and file sharing options online and wind up more confused than when you started. Unfortunately, I learned this firsthand just a few short days ago.

    In this article I’ll share what I’ve learned about downloading free music on the internet, and at the conclusion I will tell you what I think the best way to go is if you want a wide selection of songs to download for free—but do not want to get in trouble for copyright infringement.

    If you asked me where to download free music ten years ago, I could rattle of a list of clients that had millions of songs readily available for download. I used sites like Limewire, Kazaa, and Bearshare for years, downloading thousands of files along the way. However, there was a little problem here—this type of file sharing was illegal, and many of those folks sharing music files were sued by the copyright holders for thousands of dollars. When I heard about this I immediately stopped using these sites, as I had no interest in winding up in a courtroom facing a lawsuit from Sony Music.I was one of the lucky ones who never got in any trouble for illegally downloading music, but some people were not so lucky, and wound up paying exorbitant fees for the so-called “free” music they were downloading. After a few months the P2P sites started drying up, and once again users were left searching for a good free source to download from.

    Is It Possible to Legally Download Free Music?

    This is the question I and many other were asking at this time—and it was hard to find a straight answer. There were sites that claimed to provide free downloads legally, but upon closer examination, the term “legal” was beingthrown around without any real merit, and legal risks still existed.The Recording Industry Association of America has been fighting against file sharing since the arrival of Napster on the scene back in 1999. Behind the RIAA were giant music companies like:


    The claim was that the recording industry was losing millions due to illegal file sharing, and that is was akin to stealing, and both illegal and immoral.

    A New Paradigm

    Some musicians stood behind the RIAA’s claims, while other took a more creative approach and decided to use the lemons they were given to make lemonade. File sharing allowed lesser known bands to get their music out there at virtually no cost, and essentially build a following without the usual red tape that came with the process.This ingenuity allowed recording artists that never would have achieved commercial success through the usual channels to sell out shows and gain notoriety.

    The Whole Truth

    So what about the millions of dollars that the record companies were losing from file sharing? I mean, they did have a pretty good point there, right? As it turns out, they really didn’t. A recent study conducted by economists at UNC at Chapel Hill revealed that illegal downloads had zero impact on record sales, as users downloading these songs would not have purchased them if they were not available for free. It seems the RIAA is simply fighting to keep the music companies relevant in the new digital world where CDs are becoming the new 8-tracks and social media has changed the relationship between bands and their fans.

    Enter iTunes

    With the release of Apple’s iTunes, it seemed the music giants were finally starting to embrace the digitalization of music. Individual tracks as well as entire albums were available for instant download—for a fee of course. Would this put an end to illegal file sharing?

    The answer her is a definitive “no”. iTunes could not compete with the sheer variety of tracks available of the file sharing networks, and at $1 per song, certainly could not compete with the special low cost of “free”. While many music lovers support their favorite band by purchasing tracks through iTunes, it is hardly the one-stop-shop it was intended to be. If you hopped online for a quick search you would still find one common question being asked on forums and answer sites;

    Internet Users Are Used With Free Music Download Sites

    As it turns out, music lovers had gotten quite used to being able to get music for free, check out new bands, and spend their hard earned dollars on tracks, albums, merchandise, and concert tickets only when they found a band they really loved. Gone were the days of buying a new album to see if it was any good. Consumers were getting harder to please, and were no longer running to the record store when they heard a song they liked on the radio.

    Going With the Flow

    As this trend only continued with time, and it became clear that the face of the music industry had changed forever, bands started going with the flow instead of against it. Forward thinking artists saw these changes as an opportunity to take the middle man out of their relationships with their fans, and changed the way they released new music. In 2007 the world renowned rock group Radiohead said goodbye to the record company EMI and decided to sell their new album “In Rainbows” through their own website. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, they also let customers decide how much they wanted to pay for the album.

    download music

    Artists like Madonna and Nine Inch Nails made similar moves, making it clear that the music industry was going through some serious changes, and that the old business model was going the way of the dinosaur. Instead of fighting the impact the digital revolution was having on record sales, artists used the changes to their advantage. New music was seen as a vehicle to increase merchandise and ticket sales, and since the internet made it extremely fast and easy to get new music to the fans, this new business model proved to be very effective.

    Okay, So Now What?

    I’m sure you all have found the history lesson to be interesting and informative, but you came to this article with one simple question that I still have not answered for you. “Where can I download free music?”

    I have personally checked out quite a few options this week, but when it came down to making a decision, one client was the cream that floated to the top—iMesh. The parameters I used to pick the winner were simple:

    Can I Download Free Music Legally?

    Yes you can! iMesh offers content pursuant to licensing agreements with the rights holders, so you will not be violating any laws or “stealing” any music. This means you can download music with a clear conscience, and without worrying about a letter from a record company who is planning to sue you for illegal downloading. No other client could measure up in this regard, so iMesh was the clear winner.

    Is It Free and Easy to Use?

    The answer here is yes and yes. Starting an account with iMesh and downloading the software to your hard drive is 100% free. You will simply provide them with a working email address for communications, and then you choose a user name and password to log in with. Once you download the exe file you simply run it and select your download preferences. Once installed, iMesh is very easy to use. Just use the search function to look for bands or songs you want to download. Within a few seconds the results come back and you can start downloading. The process really couldn’t be any easier.

    Does it offer a wide variety of both new and old music?

    If the answer here is no than what’s the point, right? At the end of the day it’s all about the music, and iMesh offers a great variety of tracks from tons of artists. Everything I searched for came back with multiple results for each file, and there were always high quality options available to choose from.

    The Best Solution

    I am quite happy to have found iMesh for my music downloads, and I feel pretty confident that you will be too once you check it out. I am amazed that a service with such great features can be both free and legal, but I am certainly not complaining about it. Head over to the site following the link below and sign up for your free account now!

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